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2015 Junior Tahoe Waterman Camps.

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Four years ago Anik and I had a vision to share our passion for paddle sports and Lake Tahoe with the local community.  Our goal was to give local kids the opportunity to enjoy Lake Tahoe while providing them with tools and knowledge about water safety, water awareness and proper paddling technique for Stand Up Paddleboarding, Prone Paddleboarding, Outrigger Canoe Canoeing and open water swimming.

In the winter of 2011, The Junior Waterman Camp was created to offer a unique, dynamic waterman environment in which the participants master the mental, physical and technical skills of paddle sports as well as swimming and water safety. In 2011, we launched the camp with a one week session; the nine participant enrolled that year were mainly friends and family members.  At that moment, we realized that the The Junior Waterman Camp was a great place for any kid who likes to play in and on the water and that is looking to improve their skills, work hard, make new friends and have fun!  In 2012 our mission became clear; to provide local athletes with the tools to improve and to enjoy the Tahoe Waterman Life!

Over the years, we have learned and become inspirational leaders.  We have seen a growth in the camp with kids and the community embracing the high altitude water elements.  The Junior Tahoe Waterman Camp has brought the youth together to grasp the feeling of confidence and team work.  In 2015, we shared our passion and knowledge with over 100 kids traveling from Utah, Colorado, Southern California, San Francisco and even Spain.

Anik and I strive to continue to provide an active and healthy water lifestyle using paddle craft and swimming while understanding water-safety and awareness and we are hoping to open the program to adults.

In the mean time, these projects and dreams are designed with our passion for competitive paddling and our growing coaching careers.  With the help of amazing friends and and supporters like Natures Bakery, Surftech and Quickblade we stay motivated and we continue to grow and become better coaches with progressive paddling programs.

At the end of the day, this is the most meaningful reward we can get: A quote from a parent…..

“She was SO happy after four days of camp. Thank you for providing a wonderful experience for the children. Her confidence has increased so much. I had to force her to go the first two days. She has spontaneously said, “I love you” to me five times tonight. I know it’s because she feels so good about herself and is appreciative that I sent her to your camp. We moved over the summer and she will start at a new school after Labor Day. I think the camp helped prepare for that.”

Hope to see you on the water.

Jay and Anik!


Watermans Paddle Jam recap

One of the oldest races in Tahoe is the Jam from the Dam. The race actually started as the Jam to the Dam and would run from Carnelian Bay to Tahoe City on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. After a couple years of running the race to the Dam in Tahoe City and constantly battling the upwind paddle they decided to run the race from the Dam to Carnelian Bay which would be more of a downwind. Unfortunately there hasn’t been any wind the last few years so it has always been a hard flat 6 mile grinder of a race. With the lack of a solid snow pack the lake is pretty low this year and because of the shallow waters off of Tahoe City the race organizers decided to run the race start and finish at Watermans Landing in Carnelian Bay.

The race was set up as two 3 mile loops all in front of Watermans Landing. The day started off with flat water and warm temps, it ended a little different! We could see the wind line when the race started and hammering off the start on my stock commander paddleboard the upwind start was slapping me in the face. I had a solid start and was in 3rd at the first turn buoy. I had set the course so I knew what we were in for on the downwind leg. I stayed in 3rd for most of the race and focused on staying as close as possible to 2nd place who was on an unlimited Bark. 1st place was pretty far ahead but I noticed that I was closing a little on the second lap. The upwind section on the second lap took forever, I have never been slapped in the face so many times! Finally we were on the turn buoy and it was downwind time! I took full advantage of local knowledge and the Bark/Surftech Stock Commander. The Commander works so good in the bumps and the stock length sits perfectly in the trough. I took over 2nd place pretty quick and set my eyes on the orange 14′ custom Bark out in front. I hammered and used the bumps to catch the leader just before the turn buoy that would lead us in side chop to the final turn buoy and the finish. I relaxed and paced myself with the orange Bark board and just before the final turn hopped to my knees and hammered past him. I took the inside on the buoy turn and put in a big effort to the finish and came away with the win! It was a great race and I am really happy the wind came up and gave me some help!

Thanks to Phil Segal for putting on a super fun and well organized race! Thanks to Surftech and Bark for making such an incredible paddleboard and everyone else that helps and supports me! I am looking forward to my next few races but especially the Catalina Classic, 32 miles of fun on my stock commander coming August 30th!! Thanks to Ruben Sanchez for the awesome photo’s!!DSC_6603 DSC_6606_2DSC_6609_2DSC_6614

2015 Summer prep…..

I recently wrote a blog for SurfTech quickly talking about getting ready for this summer, check it out!

2015 Paddle/Run/Paddle

2015 Paddle/run/paddle….
For the last couple years I have watched videos and seen pictures of some of my friends take on the adventure of paddle/run/paddle. I knew one day I would put myself through the pain and enjoyment of paddling 22 miles from Palos Verdes/LA to Two Harbors Catalina Is. Then wake up in the dark to run the Catalina marathon 26.2 miles and then paddle back 22 miles to Palos Verdes over the course of three days. Before I get into the details of this years adventure I need to explain why. Why do we do this? For this little girl Callie Addison…..

My experience in the 2015 paddle/run/paddle exceeded all expectations. The people involved, the weather and the cause could not have been more perfect. The paddle over to Catalina was no wind, water temps in the low 60’s and air temp hovering in the high 70’s! This is a fundraiser event so its not a race across the channel. It is a community paddle of 80 people where you chat with friends, make new friends and enjoy being on the ocean. We had amazing support from about 10 escort boats that motored along at our slow pace yelling out encouragement and handing out water and food. We would paddle 2 miles and stop to allow everyone to come back together and then we would start again and continue with that process over the course of 6 hours and 22 miles. We made it to Catalina Two Harbors and proceeded to hit the snack shack, find our sleeping spots and relax in preparation for the Catalina Marathon!
Day two came with a 5am alarm followed by a 5:30am race start. The actual race start is 7am but us paddle/run/paddlers hit it early because most of us did not train to do a marathon and wanted to start early so we were not out there all day. For me I did not know what to expect. I am in fairly good shape and I do enjoy running but I have never run more that 13 miles in one stretch. The Catalina marathon is known for being a tough one do to the hills and canyons you run through. The vibe at 5:30am was electric which helped get the crew going up the first hill which was about 3.5 miles long. The marathon is beautiful and was going by pretty fast with good company and amazing scenery and I figured my group and I would keep the pace going as we power walked the up hills and jogged the down hills. That was until about mile 17 or 18 where I started to get antsy and needed to get it over with. At that point I said later to my small group that I had been annoying and ran off to get to the finish and jump in the water! I ran the last 8 miles hard and finished with a 5hr 40min time.
Day three was another early start and as we woke you could see some funny walking styles from the day before marathon. The first group left at 6am and the second “fast” group left at 6:15. We actually weren’t going that fast and it took a while before we caught up to the “slow’ group. It was a beautiful morning with the sun rising as we paddled back to Palos Verdes. The paddle back seemed different, it seemed as though we were more connected as a group almost like a family. Out of the 80 people participating there were people that knew each other and a lot of people that didnt know many of the others. I knew a few people but over the course of the two previous days I was able to get to know those people better and meet new people as well! The paddle home greeted us with perfect conditions again and seemed to go by faster, almost too fast.
As I write this now I am wishing I was still there paddling, running and paddling. The feeling I have from my paddle/run/paddle experience is hard to describe, I guess I am just happy and proud.
Please read below about Callie Addison and if you can please donate to help,

Callie is an energetic, smart and lovable 2 and a half year old girl with epilepsy. Epilepsy is a seizure disorder.

At 9 months old, Callie had her first seizure. We initially believed it was a condition called febrile seizure, which is brought on by a fever. The seizure lasted about 6 minutes and Callie stopped breathing momentarily.  We performed a couple rescue breaths on her and she started breathing on her own.

Callie has since had many more seizures. Her last was just on January 21, 2015 — her biggest one and by far the most scary. She seized for 1 hour 45 minutes — which is known as a “status seizure” — and it resulted in a paramedic helicopter ride to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center with an overnight stay in the pediatric intensive care unit.

Currently Callie is on the Ketogenic Diet and the anti-epileptic drug Keppra.

In between seizures life has been pretty normal, as Callie attends preschool and is your typical toddler. As of now we are trying to stay hopeful, strong, and carry on with a normal life raising our two kids Bodie (5) and Callie (2), of course.

The purpose of our fundraising efforts is to help with both epilepsy research and certain personal expenses. We do have insurance, however with some medications not covered, the ketogenic diet and co-pays starts to add up. Also, when Callie has a seizure, Darlene does not work for multiple days with no employee leave time.

Little home training…..

I didnt have much time the other day so I threw together a quick workout at home…….I needed to incorporate some prone paddling into my training because I am doing this paddle/run/paddle in March where we paddle from Long Beach to Catalina on Friday, run the Catalina Marathon on Saturday and paddle back to Long Beach on Sunday. The weather here in Tahoe has been nice but the water is still cold and I prefer to paddle my stand up or outrigger rather than prone so I attached my 10’6 sprint board from Surftech/Bark to my Vasa Trainer and simulated knee paddling as best I could. I incorporated a few other exercises to help increase core and leg strength, it was fun!


<p><a href=”″>Home gym training</a> from <a href=””>Jay Wild</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Tahoe Waterman inspired workout!

We have been doing Tahoe Waterman strength and conditioning sessions on Sundays at Crossfit Avalanche. I am so pumped to see all the athletes getting stronger and I am usually buzzing at the end of coaching the class. I had a little time after our last session that I set up the GoPro and put together a little workout video…..

<p><a href=”″>CF paddle workout 02:15:15</a> from <a href=””>Jay Wild</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Stand up paddlesurf, Lake Tahoe.

We have not had the greatest of seasons for snow but we have had some awesome wind storms that have given us some fun little waves on our ocean in the sky! I took out my Candice Appleby 8’4 Surftech/Word Coffey SUP surfboard and it worked really well in the mushy wind chop! Check out my little video with  a few fun ones….

<p><a href=”″>GoPro edit from stand up surfing Lake Tahoe 02/6/15</a> from <a href=””>Jay Wild</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



Truckee visitors guide, profile

Personal profile in the magazine!

IMG_6225 IMG_6227


Thanks Jonathan Herrre for the great photo from this past summer!

Jonathan showed up at one of our Team Tahoe Waterman morning workouts and shot some photos as we were training with Surftech/Bark Paddleboards on Lake Tahoe.






Let me coach you and help you achieve your goals!

Through the years of paddling, training and racing I have gained tons of knowledge and understanding of how to train, race and have fun with what I love to do. I have also found a love for coaching and watching people become fitter and faster. Let me help you!! Check out Paddle Elite Fitness, for information and pricing.

BOP 2014 with the Surftech/Bark crew

Changing sponsors is hard no matter how you do it. Hobie was great to me these last 5 years and I will always remember being with them and them helping me get into the stand up paddleboard and surf industry. Thank you Hobie!

Change is hard to embrace but the time has come for Anik and I to move in a different direction. We love coaching and paddling and with Surftech we have the ability to do both. More to come with our next chapter opening so stay tuned! For now check out this great little video from the Surftech crew at this years battle of the paddle!

Balance equals FUN!

WOW end of July already!

This has been the fastest summer I have ever experienced but at the same time the best summer I can remember. So much going on between Watermans Landing, Tahoe Apex AdventurePaddle Elite Fitness, Junior Tahoe Waterman Camp, racing, training and trying to fit in some family time as well. There has been some struggles for sure but also some really great moments that I will remember for a long time. Watching Jaxsen grow up has been the ultimate for sure but also the growth of Watermans Landing and Paddle Elite Fitness has been awesome.

The word for the summer has to be TEAM, without the right TEAM around us we would not be able to do half the stuff we have scheduled. We have some great European employees working hard at the Apex Bungy which helps ease the stress there as well as having Anik’s parents in town for the summer to help with the day to day family life. Our crew at Watermans Landing is great and very open minded to the massive schedule of events, rental concession and cafe duties that are in front of them daily. Going through the right hiring process and knowing what type of people we need and want really helps bring the TEAM together. Our TEAM consists of amazing sponsors as well, thank you Natures Bakery, Hobie SUP, Quickblade Paddles, Virus Compression, Crossfit Avalanche/Blizzard

There is always something that has to give to be able to get a little more out of the other. For me it has been training, it has been tough to get motivated to put in a consistent training program knowing everything that needs to be done daily. I am able to get out and get wet and have some fun but usually 30 to 45min, 3 or 4 days a week is all. Anik on the other hand is handling all the training/work schedule very well and it has been very apparent in her recent results! She has been getting up at 5 to put in a few hours of work and then hitting the water and Crossfit Avalanche/Blizzard hard! She wins this summer for sure!!

Summer is not over yet and August is looking to be a great month! We have our August session of the Junior Tahoe Waterman Camp, the Tahoe Nalu race and our Tahoe Waterman Challenge on August 23rd. September is full of good stuff as well and then we will be able to breath deep again in October!

IMG_3897 IMG_3796

Donner Lake Memorial race

Last Saturday was memorial weekend and like we have done for the last 5 years we packed up all the necessities and headed over to Donner Lake for the Donner Lake Memorial SUP race. This year was different though, it was sunny and warm!! The past 4 years this race has seen snow and cold temps but this year it was perfect!

This race is part of the Oneill Tahoe Cup series which is a 3 race series that works on a point system, 1st place equals 1 point and 30th gets 30 points. The points are only awarded in the Elite class but this series is unique in that there are three Elite board class divisions unlimited men, 14′ men and 12’6 women.

There is always a big draw to this race because it kicks off the summer race season here in Tahoe but also because it’s beautiful and only 5 miles. It’s a perfect lake to come out and try your first race or to see how your fitness is going into the season. This race always brings in some fast paddlers as well. The race started with the prone and outrigger paddlers starting first and 5 minutes later the stand ups started. Off the start the tempo was set with Brennan Rose from SoCal taking the lead with me behind by a couple board lengths behind and the train followed from there. I wasn’t feeling the draft very well so I broke off Brennan and found my own clear water which felt a lot better. As we made our way down to the first turn buoy I took the inside from Brennan and made the turn in first while Brennan and the rest of the train fell in behind. Typically there is a lot of wind and this cross lake section is where the draft train breaks up but this year the lake was dead flat so it was pretty easy to stay on draft. I led the cross section for about half way before Brennan came up on my side and we made the next buoy turn together and then Ben Sarrazin pulled up on my left and now it was a 3 way battle up the lake to the finish. It was a grind for the next mile as the three of us never really drafted and just kept pushing each other. Brennan made a move with less than a mile to go and I was forced to get on his draft to keep up with his excelleration and Ben followed in behind me. This draft train lasted only a few minutes as Ben tried to come up past me so I came off Brennan’s draft and excellerated to keep Ben behind me. Meanwhile Brennan had increased his lead to a couple board lengths now and the finish was approaching fast. The finish was a left shoulder and then about 50 meters to a right shoulder and then 20 meters into shore where you need to jump off your board and run across the line. As we came into the first left shoulder turn Ben had fallen off the pace and Brennan still had a two board length lead on me. I sprinted hard and caught him just before the final buoy turn. As we turned the final buoy Brennan and I were in a full sprint and hit the beach at the same time. Brennan had a good jump off his board and I limped across for 2nd place by only two seconds. Ben came in about 30 seconds later. Congrats Brennan Rose, great battle!

I’m feeling good about how I paddled and where my fitness is right now. I hope to be able to continue to train while the busy work season approaches quickly.

Thank you to everyone who supports my paddling adventures! Hobie SUP, Quickblade Paddles, Natures Bakery, Virus Compression, Watermans Landing, Tahoe Waterman, Futures Fins & Hobie Polarized!

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Moonshine INK Article

Wild Watermans Article: Moonshine INK

May 9th 2014

Carolina Cup wrap up.

Sitting at the Reno airport I am reflecting on my weekend in North Carolina and my experience with the “graveyard” race.

First off I have to say that the paddlers on the east coast are awesome, generous and really fun. From the time I stepped off the plane I was taken care of and showed a really good time.

I have respect for the graveyard race and all though the race didn’t go as well as I hoped, I learned a lot about myself and my training program. I believe this race proves who the best paddlers really are. With variable conditions it showcases the paddler with the best overall skill set. I am not surprised that Danny won, as many, including me, believe he is the best paddler in the world.

The race seen has really jumped to another level and it’s impressive to see people putting in the work and getting faster. From a coaching stand point I love seeing people progress, get better, get fitter and faster. There were people that I have never lost to beat me and although it hurts it’s also motivating. Living where I live I am not pushed like other people are and as much as I try and create training groups it usually ends up being just me. Training alone is not that bad and I enjoy training but at some point you need to know where you stand and after the Carolina Cup now I know! It is early season for me so I am not stressing to much but I am questioning my actions over the last 4 months. I have a lot of work to do to get back to competing where I want to compete. My goals have changed and priorities are listed a bit different than years past but I believe changing a few unhealthy habits and utilizing this post “graveyard” race motivation I can come back and at least compete with the best once again.

Spring is in full effect here in Tahoe and once I get back into my routine I am excited for this summer of watching my son grown up, hanging with my wife, building our business and getting fit and fast again!

Thank you to everyone who keeps me motivated and challenged! Also thanks Natures Bakery for keeping me fuiled while on my journeys, snack healthy! Thanks Hobie SUP for making me great boards ( I promise I will make them go faster), Quickblade for the best paddles in the world, Hobie Polarized, Virus compression, watermans applied science and Futures Fins.





Training and the Carolina Cup

The last few months have gone by extremely fast. Its all been really good though and its pretty expected considering we had really no winter. There has been lots of time spent working in the office and getting things prepped for the 2014 summer season at Northstar ski resort and our Apex Bungy as well as Watermans Landing. I have been putting in some solid training though I changed it up a bit and got back in the crossfit mode with the crew from Crossfit Avalanche. I really love crossfit and how it makes me feel. Even though I feel strong and fit I will see this weekend in North Carolina for the Carolina Cup if this new training strategy will pay off. Im off to NC Weds night and Im pretty nervous but its going to be a very challenging race with a lot of very fast paddlers there. So no matter what happens it will be a good view of where I am at in my fitness right now.

Beyond the training and business working stuff I am really excited to be working as an affiliate coach with Riding Bumps. I love coaching and Im excited to get people out on the water, fit and healthy. Anik and I have been working hard on our own personal training site, Paddle Elite Fitness check it out!

We have finally put together our Junior Tahoe Watermans website, we are very excited about the 2014 camps, check them out!


Thanks everyone for your support!!

Hobie SUP, Natures Bakery, Quickblade Paddles, Virus, Hobie Polarized and everyone else out there!

Cold OC1 down winder

I havent paddled since getting back from Bora Bora. Its been the longest stretch of no water time in years. The weather has been amazing for paddling the past few weeks but I just couldnt bring myself to get out. There was some house projects that needed to be done and quite honestly I was a little burned out and didnt feel like paddling dead flat water.

Yay for WIND! The wind was blowing from the northeast yesterday and even though it was cold I had the urge to get out and I just happened to have my OC1 on the top of my truck! I got dropped off at Sand Harbor and was heading back to Watermans Landing in Carnelian Bay. It was more of a cornering down wind than a strait at your back freight training down winder which also made it colder but it was beautiful and my hands eventually thawed out! I took along my GoPro, check out the footage!

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 12.11.26 PM


Here is a great read from Christopher Parker aka “the boss” at SUPracer, . If this dosent light a fire in your belly then I dont know what will. 2014 is going to be a big year for SUP and I think its going to be a big year for a lot of padding sports like prone, outrigger and surfski as well. There are a lot of people seeing other ways to feel “the glide” and get fit and healthy while doing so.

2014 is going to be a different year for me too. As much as this article from SUPracer is firing me up to get back on the “training program” there are a few other things that I have prioritized in my life. I love paddling and will always paddle but sometimes I want to paddle my OC and other times its my prone or surfski and I think thats ok for me right now. Im looking at 2014 as a year that I can watch my son grow (I plan on doing this for many years), my business grow and a year that I can help people get fit and healthy by utilizing the paddling sports I love.  Usually this time of year I am configuring my next training plan and adjusting my schedule for certain races. I am going to miss this for sure, I love building a training plan and the feeling I get inside when I start chipping away at it. The feeling I get when I complete a great workout and how I feel on a rest day after hammering out sessions for a few days strait. I will still paddle and be fit and healthy but not in the sense of race training and trying to perform at the level that I would want to. I will be planning a training program but it will be multi training programs for different shapes, sizes and goals for other people. It is going to be so fun to watch people become fitter, healthier and faster in 2014!


Paddle Fit Coach

Im very excited to be working with the Paddle Fit family and continuing my education as a coach by becoming Level 2 certified with Paddle Fit. Check out what Paddle Fit is and let me know if you would like to work with me in fitness and or coaching!


Training & a new coach!


Last September I stopped using a coach for the first time in 3 years and while I was nervous to embark on a training program on my own I was also excited to put what I have learned to the test.  After a winter of paddling my OC1, some strength training with the crew at Crossfit Avalanche  and lots of skate skiing I felt that I was ready to put a program together leading into the stand up paddle racing season. At the same time, the Lake Tahoe season was transitioning from Winter to Spring and I was seeing my time for training going into preparing Watermans Landing for a busy summer. I found that every time I sat down to develop a training program leading into a specific race I would instead work on things for Watermans Landing, telling myself that I would get to the training stuff later. As the weeks continued to pass I was still paddling but with no specific program and was really starting to question where this racing season was going to go. That was a scary feeling, being that the previous 4 years was totally outlined ahead of time with specific races and training goals. At one point I was thinking that I was done racing, there was too much stress and I was putting so much pressure on myself that paddling wasn’t fun anymore. After focusing on work for a couple of weeks I was starting to miss training and when I sat down to figure out my next race and a program for training I realized that I needed help. Thats when I contacted my friend Julie Young with O2Fitness and explained my dilemma.  Julie has only paddled a couple of times but her knowledge of training is amazing and I felt as though we could work together on a training program, rather than her just writing it up and me following. She is open to discuss how a paddler can train different than a cyclist, runner or triathlete. I am just a couple weeks into training with Julie and I am very happy with the communication and training program. I am excited to race again but also understanding that I do not have the luxury of just training and racing. I have a family to support and two businesses to run. Luckily I have an amazing wife and a great support crew that will help me achieve my goals. Thanks and happy paddling!!

After just a couple weeks of being back on the training routine I was able to come out with a win at the Jam from the Damn race here in Tahoe and take the overall points lead from Rob Rojas in the O’neill Tahoe Cup series!


Standup Paddle Magazine Hobie add VOL5N2

Natures Bakery Ambassador

I am very excited to be working with Natures Bakery!

While wild raspberries can be traced back to eastern Asia during prehistoric times, with certain varieties also found in the Western Hemisphere, no one thought to cultivate their deliciousness until the 16th century, historians believe. Thanks to human travelers and their animal counterparts, the seeds were carried and spread—both intentionally and accidentally, worldwide.

Raspberries are an excellent source of fiber, manganese and vitamin C, among other health benefits.

Nature's Bakery Fig Bars - 6 packNature's Bakery Fig Bars - 12 pack


Check out Natures Bakery and definitely put some in your workout bag as they are delicious snack for pre and post workouts!

IMG_1240 nblogo.tag2cstack

STANDUP paddle magazine Hobie add VOL5N1

OC1 fun on Lake Tahoe

We have had a few days of great wind and I put together a little video from Monday’s Tahoe City to Kings Beach down wind run. I should have taken the gopro out with me for Sundays North Tahoe Triangle run because it was a least double the size of Monday but I didnt have my gopro. The wind was not from a favorable direction so it wasn’t the best run but still fun to get out even though it was really cold!

4 day weekends…….

Just got back from a whirlwind weekend of driving and Outrigger paddling.

The roller coaster road trip started in Tahoe on Thursday and we headed down to Sausalito and Bluerush boardsports for a SUP clinic with Jim Terrell, Jamie Mitchell and Charlie Banfield. Friday came with an alarm clock set at 4:30 and we were off to LA for the Malibu to Marina, Paddle Me outrigger championships. We arrived to a beautiful socal day in Marina Del Ray and quickly pulled the OC1’s off the truck and got on the water. We had a great 6 mile paddle and got to play in the waves a little and get our hips used to the ocean movements again. We soaked up the much need sun on our winter fare skinned bodies and then headed down to Redondo Beach to hook up with some friends.

Saturday was race day and again socal blessed us with warm weather and sunshine! The logistics of the race were a little overwhelming having to register in Marina then drive our outriggers up to Malibu and drop them off and then drive back down to Marina to catch a shuttle bus back up to Malibu, but it was cool to chat with other racers and relax before the race. The race started around 1 and we didnt have epic conditions but we did have a little help from the wind and ground swell. The contrast from the outrigger races in Norcal and Socal are very different. A typical norcal OC1 race will see about 20 boats, Im not sure the number of OC1’s that were at this race but it was hard to walk around the beach because of all the boats. It was awesome and I knew the competition was going to be very good. Southern California produces some of the best outrigger paddlers in the US (mainland) and they can go over to Hawaii and compete very well against some of the best paddlers in the world. A giant benifit that the Souther Cali guys have is that they can paddle with and against Danny Ching on a regular basis. If you dont know who Danny is, lets just say he is really, really fast.

At the starting line I positioned myself around guys I was thinking I could race with and when the horn blew we were off the line hard and fast. Not having a great warm up I could feel my muscles tight up quickly but I push through mentally and continued to hold position with the top guys. That lasted for about 5 miles, I was impressed how these guys could catch all the little wind bumps they wanted and slowly creep away from me, if I was doing 7.0 to 7.2 MPH they were doing 7.2 to 7.4 or higher MPH. Knowing that is was a 16 mile race I settled into race pace and just focused on catching as many bumps as I could. I was amazed how fast the miles were going by and I was working hard to keep the top guys within site always thinking I could catch them when we got in the flat water of the Marina Del Ray harbor. As we approached the harbor entrance I realized there was no way that was going to happen, they were to far ahead so I focused on good technique and pushing myself beyond where I have gone before. I had one guy within striking distance and was pushing hard to catch him and was starting to real him in until he decided to draft a faster vessel. I finished hard (almost threw up)  and ended up 14th. I paddled hard and the conditions were very tough but very fun and I learned a lot.

After the race we jumped back in the truck and headed outta town, we had to get back up to San Francisco for OC6 practice with team NorCal by 10am Sunday morning. Driving through the night and arriving in Los Gatos at 2am we got a few hours of sleep at my buddy’s moms house and then headed up SF for practice. We had a great practice with 2 OC6 boats on the water in challenging but fun conditions. We headed out from Chrissy field and around Alcatraz, then down and around Treasure Island. As we headed across the channel from Treasure Island to Pier 39 we were met with lots of sail boats, motor boats and large fairy boats. Being only a few feet off the water and only 4o’ long its quite intimidating paddling around fast moving boats and ships. After a quick break at pier 39 we charged up wind back to Chrissy field. It was a great 14 mile paddle in some rough challenging conditions and we were able to figure some things out as a team.

After practice we jumped back in the truck and headed to Tahoe. It was a great fast moving weekend of non-stop activity. Pulling into my drive way and smelling the fresh mountain air, I was happy to be home and then seeing Jaxsen run up to me with a huge smile made all the pain from the weekend go away.

Big thank you goes to Natures Bakery for fueling me with delicious snacks while on the road, Quickblade Paddles for the best paddles to help me go fast, Virus Compression for keeping my body together, Hobie Polarized for some awesome sunnies, San Francisco Outrigger Canoe ClubDanny Ching and Doug Riley. Watermans Landing, Lake Tahoe Waterman Association, Tahoe Waterman and Watermans Applied Science for keeping me away from sunburn.

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VIRUS WEBSITE January 2013


OC1 photo shoot

I had the opportunity to work with Peter Spain with in the fall and just recently this winter. He wanted to get some shots of me on my outrigger canoe. I told him that we should wait until its bumpy to add a little more fun to the shoot. We found a day and below are some shots from the day.

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Vo2 Max testing

I recently tested my Vo2 Max but I did it on the Concept 2 rowing machine with the Paddle Sport Training system paddle adaption.

VO2 max, or maximal oxygen uptake, is one factor that can determine an athlete’s capacity to perform sustained exercise and is linked to aerobic endurance. VO2 max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximal exercise. It is measured as “milliliters of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight.”

This measurement is generally considered the best indicator of an athlete’s cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. Theoretically, the more oxygen you can use during high level exercise, the more ATP(energy) you can produce. This is often the case with elite endurance athletes who typically have very high VO2 max values.


Photo shoot with Trevor Clark, Winter 2010

I did a photo shoot with Trevor Clark in the winter of 2010. It was great working with Trevor, he is really adventerous and is a very talented athlete so when it comes to getting a shot from a different perspective he is willing and able to go the extra mile to get it. In this case, in order to get a unique winter OC pic he threw on his dry suit and snorkel and joined me out in the 40 degree water! Nice one Trevor!!

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Fun times on SF bay

Went down to San Francisco on Saturday and had a really fun race from Ft. Baker to 101 sports in San Rafael. The  tide was running really high and with us so it made for fast times. Also we had some small bumps to play on!!

Click here to check out the details of the race!


Awesome video from the Fin Film Co.

Outrigger paddling and my future.

I love outrigger paddling and its been tough these last few years because I have not been able to get out on my OC1 as much as I would have liked. I also miss racing outrigger, solo or with a team I just miss being in a canoe. I told myself that I would focus on SUP for 4 years to see how I could do and I knew that it was a new fast growing sport and I wanted to watch the progression unfold and be immersed in it 100%.

I just finished my 3rd competitive stand up season and at the same time I am no longer working with my coach I have had for the last 3 years. My coach was the one that put me on his 4 year program and who was adamant about my specific SUP training. I owe him a lot and I appreciate where he has gotten me these past 3 seasons and it is a bit scary knowing now that I dont have him to lean on anymore. I trusted his programing so much and he was really good at helping me mentally which is a big deal for me. It was easy, he would test me to figure out my zones and all I would have to do was look at the work out and go put in the effort. I shouldn’t say it was easy but it was something I didnt have to worry about, I trusted that he was going to get me to where I wanted to be as long as I put in the work. There is so much more to it than just going out and training especially for me. Two business, a wife and now a child were part of the OTHER things but I neglected the small stuff. Stretching, mobility work, strength, massage, acupuncture are all things that I wasnt doing and as much as I paddle I needed all of that on a regular basis. I would put in a little here and there but in a way I was paying someone to tell me what to do and since I didnt here it from him regularly I figured it was ok. WOW am I paying the price now and I am not blaming him 100% I should have figured it out… I am in so much pain and inflexible that I feel like I have to start all over. Its apparent that I was paddling too much, not stretching and helping my body recover enough.

Now its time to move forward and figure it out my self. I am excited about my future in paddling. I have learned so much from my coach and my friends that I know I will be successful and competitive again. I am 1 week into not paddling and I am planning on taking the next 2 weeks off as well. I am back working with my strength coach at Crossfit Avalanch and he is great at stretching and mobility. I have a new OC1 that I plan on racing this winter and spring and the new line of Hobie RAW race boards are insane!! Thanks to everyone for your support and especially to my sponsors who without them I would still be paddling but not on such amazing equipment! HobieSUP, Quickblade Paddles, Hobie Polarized, Virus Compression, Lake Tahoe Waterman Association, Ocean Minded, Watermans Landing, Watermans Applied Science, On A Mission, Crossfit Avalanch, Patagonia

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SUP surf, north shore Lake Tahoe

Here are some photos from a windy day on Tahoe when I was able to catch some waves. Peter Spain from, and I went out to this little point style wave in Tahoe Vista. The wind has to blow pretty hard and for a least 12 hours before you can get some rideable waves. I usually do down winders when the wind is blowing, I would rather do 6-10 miles of surfing on my OC1 rather than freeze my arse off pointing up wind trying to stand on my board when the wind is pushing me around. Its actually hard to stand on your board, paddle up wind through white caps and then turn around and time it right. It was late fall when we were out there and I was holding out from putting on a wet suit and that was a bad idea. I was freezing in just a vest and trunks…….

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What to do on a snow day… in it!! Jaxi & I doing some sledding!!


Fall paddling in Lake Tahoe

Fall paddling in Lake Tahoe

Wind the wind is up I really like to get out on my OC1, thanks

This is a video from the 2012 Battle of the Paddle focusing on the BARK/Quickblade team by Soul Surf Media, great job Chris!!

Bark and Quickblade Battle of the Paddle 2012 – “the superbowl”

RACE GUIDE Standup paddle magazine summer/fall calendar 2012

VIRUS SUP poster Boy

TAHOE PLATES advertizing – summer 2012


Quickblade Paddles, Train Hard Go Fast & Have FUN!!

Quickblade paddles are what I use to help me glide through the water! They are the best paddles in the world and being apart of a team with some of the best paddlers in the world is an honor. Thank you Quickblade for all you do! Check out this amazing video done by Chris Agular!!


Hobie Polarized Catalog 2012

Two steps back to go forward

Being hurt sucks, especially when you don’t know what is causing the pain! I am taking it well though & thinking positive. Anik & I just spent 10 days down in Orange County, racing, surfing & hangin with friends. It was soooo much fun despite my mediocre performance @ the US Champs and my DNF @ the Santa Monica SUP race. My biggest racing high light of the trip was winning the 2 mile fun prone paddleboard race in Santa Monica (maybe I’m in the wrong sport) We did get a decent south swell & some insane weather though!! Now back home we are in full work mode and I am loving it! Also I am dealing with fore arm pump that has been effecting my paddling a great deal. I don’t know what is causing it but it’s time to take a few steps back & get back to the basics. I will overcome this set back & come back strong!!


STANDUP Paddle Magazine VOL4N1

Just go paddle

After a morning where everything was going wrong all it took was a 2hr paddle to make it all ok! Thanks Hobie for giving me a board that can glide across water so well it makes it just that much better!


Storm paddling

I was hesitant to get out on the water today. The temps were in the low 30’s & the storm was quickly approaching. I haven’t been on my SUP but two times since Peru & after 3 days of SUP erg paddling I was jonesing to get out. I am really happy I did!! As I paddled away from shore I could see a significant wind line and that a complete white was going to eat me up. Paddling up wind I was comfortably cold & settled into a nice easy rhythm all the while smiling inside about the fact that apposed to running away from the on coming storm I was happily paddling into it. As we finally met I felt an absolute calm come over me as the snow engulfed my surrounding and the white caps pushed my board around. After a couple minutes of taking it all in I turned and rode the wind bumps back to Watermans Landing. Tahoe is sweet!!


Olamau 2012

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Peru 2012 ISA World stand up paddle and paddleboard championships

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Quickblade Winter 2012